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Lamb Meat

Rack(lamb chomps)

Shelf (lamb chop): These fillets will be of varying size and meat due to being placed in the rack. Note that the feathered bones (above the spine) are removed as is the outer layer of fat and various bones.


This piece comes with 5 front quadrant ribs with the shoulder blade along with the leg and breast meat. Starting from the fifth bone, all the bones, cartilage and lymph nodes are removed. This piece includes a group of muscles that have worked hard and it includes a lot of connective tissue.

Shoulder bone
This piece comes from the veal shoulder section and is located on the top of the chest. Although these cutlets can be sliced inexpensively, they are mostly used for grilling, slow cooking, stews, or stir-frying.

wrapped shoulder
The wrapped shoulder is taken from a square piece of the shoulder, and is prepared from the front quarter of the animal. Bones and connective tissue are removed before being wrapped and tied for cooking. The natural fibers wrapped in the middle of this cut of meat melt away, keeping it moist and flavorful while grilling.

Slice of shoulder block
This piece is prepared from the shoulder in the area above the upper part of the chest, and it consists of several muscles with layers of fat and soft connective tissue. It is preferable to grill this piece as a whole to increase its tenderness in a way that allows the fibers to infuse its good aroma into the meat. This piece can be cut into cubes to be folded in a casserole or casserole.

lamp loin
Loin Trimmed(Whole)

This is a fairly meaty cut and is sold at a higher price than some other cuts of lamb.

Prime Rib Meat

This part includes 8 long ribs in one piece after removing the fifth rib at the end of the neck from the loin and the short rib at the end of the buttock. Usually 75% of the front of the ribs is removed, leaving the rib bones that can be separated if necessary. It is simply scotch fillet with rib bones attached. The bones are cut from half of the main rib and divided into either a row of ribs, or curved and tied to resemble a crown. Grilling it with the bone adds a special flavor and juiciness as it cooks.
lamb feathers
Rib cutlets are made by taking a roasted rib and cutting it into strips. With the bone, it becomes what makes up the little feathers, and if you remove the bone from the steak it becomes a Scotch fillet. And just like the scotch tape, the rib cutlets are taken from an area of the animal that didn't put much effort, giving you a very tender and succulent piece.

Scotch fillet
This cut is located between the Scotch fillet between the loin and the front of the back muscles and along the back. As a muscle that exercises a little effort, it enjoys its juice and softness. Due to its properties, it can also be cut into smaller slices.

scotch fillet slice
This piece is located along the back, from the loin to the front of the back. Scotch fillets, which are made from a set of boneless ribs, are obtained from a 'support' muscle that is not used when the animal is moving. Hot and quick cooking methods are ideal for this slice, which can also be cut into thin strips.

short ribs
Veal short ribs are taken from the ribs in the middle of the rib cage with meat from the good muscles attached to it.

Sirloin (spanking)

The buttock is a piece of the back of the carcass that lies between the end of the loin, under the joint, and the side of the thigh. It is healed starting from the hip bone. It consists of 5 main muscles that come in different textures and are suitable for grilling as a whole grilled piece or as a steak, but can be cut and cured into individual muscles to make small slices according to your choice.

Loin Chops

The loin is prepared from the side by removing the anterior quadrant along the selected rib, and removing the leg (butt and buttock) by a cut passing through the lumbosacral junction to the ventral edge on the side of the loin.
slice of loin
It is prepared from the loin and it is called the T bone due to its shape, and it is characterized by its abundance of fibers and its delicious taste. This veal cutlet comes with two steaks in one, comprising a fillet on the smaller side of the bone, and a large loin steak on the other side.
Top loin slice
This fillet is prepared from the short loin that is located between the leg and the ribs, and it consists of the loin portion of the hope that is located along the spine. As a muscle that is least used for movement, it is characterized by being soft and thin.

Top loin slice
Loin steaks are cut from the end of the rump, located along the spine at the back of the animal and down to the ribs and rump. Composed of different muscles that do less work, this cut is fresh and juicy and is more suitable for quick cooking methods to avoid drying out.

Lamb Leg(upper side of the leg)

It is a piece of the hind leg (inside the thigh) that can be removed between the joint and the side of the thigh by following the veins and separating it from the thigh bone and hip bone. The top side can be grilled whole but if it's fully cured and sliced it gives you excellent meat for making scallops and steaks. The parts less desirable to use are good for dicing or chopping.
ulna meat
The ulna meat is prepared from the calf from the large loin of the calf, and being a piece of the leg, it is located between the thigh and the upper part connected to the thigh bone. The large loin does not contain any fat, and can be sliced into 3 muscles for use in making steaks, scallops, meat cubes and minced meat. Grilling this cut should be bland because it contains negligible fat..

A piece of the side of the thigh
This piece is prepared from the side of the calf's thigh of the hind leg, located between the upper side of the calf and its thick flank on both sides, and it adheres to the hind leg at one end and the rump cap at the other end. This piece consists of 3 main muscle veal heal muscle, veal eye round, veal outside flat..

Lamb Shanks

Leg meat is prepared from either the front or hind legs (extensor/flexor group). The anterior leg meat is removed by a cut following the line of removal of the chest from the anterior quadrant and the distal end of the humerus which includes the radius of the ulna and its associated muscles

Leg meat with bone
This piece is prepared from the bottom of the front or back leg. As a well-trained muscle, it has little fat and a lot of connective tissue. This cut is mostly cooked in liquid and slowly to break down the tissue and give it a great bone-in flavor.

Lamb Breast, Whole

It is the lower part of the ribs and is usually used in chopping or boiling to make soup

Lamb Neck

It is a small boneless piece of meat suitable for vegetables and soup, and these slices are of varying size

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